Where I’m From

I am from cows grazing in overgrown grass fields, from pop rocks and tin roofs on houses.

I am from the country smells of chicken frying in the kitchen and homemade apple pies baking in the oven.

I am from the plum trees and clothes lines in the backyard.

I am from Thanksgiving dinners and thick curly hair blowing in the wind,

from Macks and Boyds and Gadsons.

I am from the jokesters and pranksters. 

From I brought you in this world so I can take you out and Na na na boo boo.

I am from feet tapping and hand clapping.

I’m from small town living, King Vitamin on Saturday mornings and fish caught from a nearby pond.

From the trips to Myrtle Beach, Florida family reunions, and cousins telling me my hair wasn’t long enough.

I am from family albums tucked away on dusty book shelves, opened every family get-together and laughs

never to fade when flipping through the pages for the one hundreth time.


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    Great blog!!

  2. this is great. we have a common memory-plum trees. :)

  3. Loved it! :)

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