Military Life

Dealing With PTSD – How To Find The Best Drug Detox Centres Worldwide

My husband is still in the forces, and we’ve been so blessed with our strong emotional bond and support we give each other. Our marriage and children have helped him immensely with dealing with his challenging career path. However, so many veterans end up with all sorts of emotional trouble during and especially after leaving the forces. Many end up homeless …

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Stream these Shows While Traveling with Toddlers this Holiday Season

Traveling with your entire family can be tons of fun and extremely rewarding as a parent. However, traveling also involves a fair bit of waiting: for your flight, in traffic jams, before dinner reservations, etc. This is especially true during the holiday season when thousands of families are trekking to see loved ones around the world. You definitely wouldn’t want …

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Celebrating Thanksgiving As a Military FamilyMilitary Life

Different Types of Typical Thanksgiving Dinners for Military Families

Thanksgiving can be a big nightmare for military families in every way. It can bring emotional, mental and physical stress due to the erratic work schedules, deployment, and separations. I certainly can tell you from experience as I have lived through many already! Therefore, Thanksgiving for military families can be quite different from how the average American celebrates the holiday. …

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