Resource list of military discountsMilitary Life

The Biggest List Of Military Discounts There Is

Okay, I’m on a mission now – collecting the biggest list of military discounts there is. Sounds crazy? I don’t care since I’m really passionate about the cause of helping service members find the financial relief they need. I’ve already written about free resources for pregnant military wives, budgeting tips for traveling with military kids, tips for inexpensive family travel, but I wanted …

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Celebrating Thanksgiving As a Military FamilyMilitary Life

Different Types of Typical Thanksgiving Dinners for Military Families

Thanksgiving can be a big nightmare for military families in every way. It can bring emotional, mental and physical stress due to the erratic work schedules, deployment, and separations. I certainly can tell you from experience as I have lived through many already! Therefore, Thanksgiving for military families can be quite different from how the average American celebrates the holiday. …

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Military Life

The True Face Of Military Marriage – What It Really Looks Like

The day I first started reflecting on my military marriage.  I have just poured the tomato sauce onto the cooked pasta, spaghetti mixed with bowtie noodles and started mixing it together. I have noticed that doing a simple task like that is starting to get tiring since I have put more weight on during this pregnancy than I should have. …

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