Hawaii Travel Cost – Estimated Cost of a Vacation to Hawaii for a Military Family

Hawaii is one of the most photographed and sought-after travel destinations worldwide. Perfect for a dream tropical getaway, Hawaii has a lot to offer to its visitors and locals alike.

From pristine oceans, beautiful landscapes, lush mountains, spectacular volcanoes, and the perfect weather, the islands of Hawaii have it all.

A travel destination like no other, Hawaii is flocked by tourists from all over the world. However, as a source of economic importance, traveling to Hawaii can be costly.

Nevertheless, the good news is if you are a military man planning to spend your vacation in Hawaii, you can enjoy your holidays without breaking the bank.

Traveling to Hawaii as a Military Family

Many service providers give discounts to active and retired service members. From accommodations, flights, restaurants, and activities to do in Hawaii to shipping cars from Hawaii to the main island, these businesses honor and accept military privileges.

If you are wondering how much will it cost a military man for a vacation to Hawaii? This article has you covered by giving you an estimate. Plus, you can also find some insider tips to help you have your dream vacation without hurting your pocket.

Read on to help you plan your dream getaway and discover tips on how you can save during your trip.

Estimated Cost

Hawaii is divided into four main islands – Oahu, Kawaii, Maui, and the Big Islands – and your travel expenses will be determined by where you’ll stay.

The time of the year and your preferred travel budget are also essential factors. Depending on the amount you shelled out for the trip, you can opt to go all out with luxurious travel, mid-range, or opt to enjoy your journey on a budget.

On average, high-end luxury travel would cost around $780 per person per day. This amount includes meals, local transportation, and tickets to sightseeing. The average hotel price is approximately $1,000 for a 7-night stay. The total cost for a one-week trip will be about $5,500 and about $11,000 for a two-week holiday. A month’s stay in Hawaii is estimated to be around $23,400.

A mid-range stay for one person costs around $1,900 for a one-week visit and almost $4,000 for two weeks, in an estimated cost of $269 per day. A month’s stay for a mid-ranged budget will cost about $8,100.

A budget and more affordable Hawaii vacation will be around $100 per person per day and an estimated $700 per week to $1,400 for two weeks. A one-month economical trip will be about $3,000.

These amounts are provided from previous Hawaii travelers, and Active Duty Service Members’ discounts are not included in the estimates.

Military Discounts

Most establishments offer discounted rates and other perks for their product and services to recognize and support military personnel’s service.

The holiday business and leisure industry are dynamic sectors that honor vacation and travel discounts for military families.

Offering special military discounts gives a positive marketing advantage to companies and establishments by creating a good impression not only to those in the service but also to civilians and regular customers.

Car Shipping

One way to save costs on local transportation in Hawaii is to have your car, especially if you plan to stay for an extended period. If you’re thinking, “I want to ship my car to Hawaii,” car shipping services are also readily available.

Car shipping fees from the US mainland to Hawaii would range from around $1,500 – $1,800, while the cost for shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland will be about $800. Most car shipping services offer a $100 discount for military personnel.

Shipping your car is a convenient way to explore and experience Hawaii’s beautiful landscapes in the comforts of your vehicle.


Almost all airline companies offer Active Duty Service Members discounts, ranging from 5% to 20% off your tickets.

Also, some airlines provide free check-in baggage to military personnel and their immediate family members. Sometimes, travel agencies offer free travel coupons for military travelers as part of their promos.


Several hotels in Hawaii offer discounted rates to active duty and retired military members. Discount offers range from 10%-20% off on your hotel stay so that you can book your reservation at a lower price.

Restaurants, Activities, and Sightseeing

Plenty of restaurants, travel agencies, and tour businesses all over Hawaii give great discounted offerings to military members, and you need to know where to look to find them.

There are restaurants in Hawaii that offer up to 50% off on food purchases on select days. However, this does not include alcoholic beverages. Some tour agencies even offer complimentary tours to military sites and historical landmarks for military families.
Other tours give a 10% – 15% discount on their inter Island excursion rates.

Most businesses would require a valid identification card as proof of reference before active and retired military men can avail of their offered discounts.

Active-duty personnel can present their official military ID card. Veterans can use their Veterans ID cards as proof of identification.


Hawaii is an excellent option for a vacation, but the costs can be high. Fortunately, many establishments offer discounts and promos for military personnel that can help reduce their expenses as they enjoy their vacation.

Hopefully, this article gave you a clearer idea of how much it will cost to enjoy a Hawaiian vacation as a military family.


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