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Things We Wish We Knew: College Advice from Parents

There is little that can top the first-hand experience when it comes to college life. And we might feel that things have changed immensely since our parents were at school, but the truth is that apart from some tech innovation most of the things have remained the same. So take the time and get some great advice from your parents, that way you might survive college a bit more easily then by just choosing to wing it.

Follow your passion

Kids that come from a military family know how important this aspect is, it is what drew their parents to select serving their country, they were passionate about the cause and ended up committing their life to it. The same should happen at college, you should find your passion and stick to it, just be prepared that it might not be the easiest decision you make. But it will certainly be the best. And if you are still unsure about what your passion is, there is no better time than your college years to discover it. Try different things, select various subject and find the one direction that fulfills you the most.

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Find the right sources of information

Yes, your parents might suggest you go to the library or become a part of a study group. Their method might be outdated but the idea is great, you need to learn how to find the right sources that will help you learn more efficiently. At Australian universities, students have great options for obtaining peer notes and catching up on their studies. So you can easily get Griffith uni past papers and use them to help you prepare for your own test. Your parents used to do this by tracking down students who had the best notes, so in comparison, this is faster and much more efficient.

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Get a handle of your finances

This is where parent advice can come in handy. College life is expensive especially if you come from a family with a modest income, and as you know most military families fall under this category. Getting a scholarship is a great but that covers just a part of it. The best thing is finding a college that is affordable but also offers the courses you want to attend. You can also consider getting a part-time job so that you can get some spending money over the course of your studies. Finally, learn how to juggle discounts, sales and meal sharing options. It can really add to your budget.

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Don’t miss out on social life

This is just as important as studying. Just focusing on your studies and avoiding any social contact can be overwhelming for anyone. It is important to find the right balance. And it is not impossible, it all comes down to good organization. If you organize your itinerary the right way you will be able to free up some time to go out, spend time with friends and even attend some of the college parties, which, as your parents know themselves are essential for your college experience. Friendships that we form in college can last us a lifetime and that is why you need to get out there and meet new people, there is a lot you can learn from your peers.

There you have it, some essential tips for surviving college that your parents wish someone told them. Consider yourself lucky to be coming from a military family, good organization and attention to details have already been infused with your DNA, and it will give you an advantage when it comes to juggling all the aspects of college life.


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