7 Tips for Your First Wine Tasting

Walk-around events and tasting rooms are wonderful places to sample dozens — or even hundreds — of wines. However, attending such a gathering can be a little intimidating for first-time tasters. What should you wear? What’s considered proper etiquette? Why, oh why is everyone spitting into buckets? Luckily, wine tasting isn’t as complex or serious as it might seem. Use …

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Top 6 Tips for Traveling Safely During COVID-19

The recent death of Colin Powell illustrates the continuing threat COVID-19 poses — even among those who are vaccinated. While most people who have gotten their shots experience only mild sickness, those with medical conditions remain at risk. However, most people can’t isolate indefinitely — the realities of life prevent it. As society reawakens, you may need to hit the …

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Military Life

Moving with Car During PCS

PCS, or Permanent Change of Station, is a regular occurrence for military personnel. In fact, many soldiers eventually envisioned Hawaii as their future home location. After all, what more can you ask for than breezy days, warm weather, and stunning beaches? It’s easy to imagine living in Hawaii, where the scenery is stunning, the temperature is pleasant, and the people …

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