5 Holiday Destinations in Greece you Need to Visit

The great thing about Greece is that its culturally diverse, and there are lots of things to explore no matter where you go. When you visit different parts of Greece, it can be like you are visiting completely different countries as they all have their own unique identity. If Greece is on your list of places to pay a visit, we have outlined the 5 destinations that should be right at the top.


Athens is, of course, the capital of Greece. It is steeped in history you only need to have a quick look at The Pantheon to understand that. A must-see when you are there is the ancient ruins, you can spend a lot of time making your way from one piece of history to the next. As well as the famous Pantheon, you will also find the Temple of Hephaestus, the Acropolis and more. Although Athens is known for its historical attributes, it also has great nightlife.


Mykonos has become an increasingly popular island in Greece to visit. It has lots of nightlife for you to enjoy and has delicious cuisine. You can indulge in authentic foods such as moussaka and gyros, as well as food that is specific to the island such as kopanisti. Mykonos is also home to “Little Venice” as it’s reminiscent of that beautiful Italian city. It is packed with whitewash buildings that are filled with cafes, bistros, restaurants and more – right by the sea.


There are lots of reasons to make your way to Corfu. It has a rather cosmopolitan Corfu town with gorgeous streets and sea views. There is also the old town that is packed with beautiful little back streets and boasts the Old Citadel and New Fort. It also has its fair share of ancient ruins and museums you need to visit – and it even has one of the best golf courses that Europe has to offer.


When people think of Santorini – they tend to think of romance, so it’s perfect for any loved-up couples out there. It’s most definitely an instagramable holiday with lots of beautiful beaches with white sand and clear blue waters. It’s also known for cosmopolitan restaurants and bars. Santorini is also home to some luxury accommodation. As well as fantastic hotels, there are also stunning Santorini villas for rent – and some even come with an infinity pool! You can check these out at Loyal Villas Luxury who provide bespoke villa rentals that are sure to make your trip to Greece even more incredible.


Rhodes has so many nature excursions to enjoy. On your way through the little villages filled with friendly locals and tasty cuisine – you can enjoy the likes of The Valley of the Butterflies which is famous everywhere. There are also many mountains where you can enjoy views across the whole island such as Mountain Profitis Ilias and Mountain Akramitis. It’s a must-visit for those of you who are fans of nature.

If you are thinking of exploring Greece, then make sure you put these places at the top of your list of places to go.

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