9 Points to Ponder Before Choosing a Wedding Venue in LA

Picking a venue for the wedding is a big deal as it sets the tone for everything else to follow. It is an overwhelming process especially in a place like Los Angeles which has a huge number of beautiful wedding venues. Choosing a venue involves making a lot of decisions and here are some queries you should seek answers for, that can make the process of selecting a location easier. 

Decor-Important to Spice up the Venue

Bridal couples may want to play around with the decor of the venue to suit their style. If that is the case for you, you should know beforehand if there are any restrictions on temporarily making alterations to the decor, lighting, drapes, etc. If you planning to use candles, learn if there are any rules laid out for it. Also, check if there is access to the lighting controls. 

The Number of Guests that can be Accommodated

Learn about the maximum number of guests the venue can accommodate for a seated dinner. From your end, having a rough estimate of guests will help you find a venue with the right capacity. Also, find if there is sufficient place for a band and its equipment, space for the dance floor or other such requirements. Speak to the manager to find out if the room will be partitioned if the party has fewer people and if there is a separate area for hosting a reception or will it be in the same room. 

Inclusions and Exclusions

Learn about what is included and what is not as part of the wedding venue. Ask if table linens are provided as complementary and if so what is the color. Look at samples of the dishes and glassware the venue provides. Also, check if  AV equipment is available so that you can plan if it needs to be rented.  Check if the dance floor, dining chairs, and tables are provided. 

Doing the Ceremony at the Venue

A pertinent question to ask if you think of doing the ceremony at the venue is the changeover time needed for the dinner tables to be set. Enquire if the venue has a dressing room, Silver Lake Ballroom, a top wedding venue in Shreveport, LA has dressing rooms that are conveniently located. These rooms should have restrooms and full-length mirrors to get ready. Some may even have best-in-class dressing rooms that will be the ideal place to transform a young woman into a bride!


Most venues will have a list of vendors approved by the venue or at least people they recommend. Enquire if the place you are interested in has a list which includes florists, caterers, photographers, etc. For vendors who stay during the wedding like the band, check if there is a place where they can be served dinner. 


This is an important part of any wedding and you should know if they are provided by the venue or not. Check if the caterers are provided by the venue and ask for a tasting so that you can take things forward with them. If the place does not provide caterers know if the kitchen is well-equipped for the outside caterers to cook food for the party. 


If the parking is not complimentary it is important to know the rate per car and if the bridal couple can be billed for it instead of the guests. Another important question to ask about is if valet service is available. Also, check out if the handicapped access is in place and if there are separate access and parking for vendors. 

Event Management

Is there a banquet manager who will be coordinating the planning and other activities of the wedding is a question to ask. Additionally, ask if that manager will be present on the day of the wedding to help the vendors resolve any issues they face. 


The cost is one of the important aspects to consider, so feel free to ask as many questions as you want. Some of them include knowing the rent of the venue, deposits made before the event, mode of payment, installments and refund policy. 

Apart from the above questions, you may have a few of yours too. Leave the guesswork behind and do not hesitate to ask things as a wedding is an important event. Most venues will be happy to answer your questions and help you to make your wedding day a huge hit. 

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