Baby Registry Checklist: What You Really Need

Are you expecting a child? You might be feeling like you have a lot of things to do before the little one arrives. One of the most important tasks to complete before your baby arrives is putting together a baby registry. This article includes a compilation of the ultimate baby registry.

Baby Registry: What Is It?

Baby registries consist of a list of products that you need to get before the baby gets here. You can include anything in this checklist from thermometers to cribs. Share your baby’s registry with close family and friends who you will invite to your baby shower. To make it easier for shower guests to find items, you should opt for a universal registry and you can send out easy to use sip n see invitations.

When to Register

Expectant moms start creating their registries when they are about 3 months pregnant. For first time parents, this might seem a bit early. However, creating a baby registry takes work because you need many things to take care of a baby. If you do not know your baby’s sex yet, you should wait to find out before creating the registry.

Knowing the sex of your baby is important as it influences your choice of color and design when choosing stuff. Do not wait too long if you want to have enough time to choose registry items.

Best Baby Registry

Once you decide to build the registry for your baby, you will have plenty of registries from which you can choose. Plenty of online stores offer registry setups. However, depending on the type of perks that you are looking for, your style, and budget, you will find that some stores are better than others.

Here are some great sites to register for your unborn baby:

  1.       Target – Target has a huge selection of baby products, cool nursery accents, and colorful clothing. Through their universal feature, you can also add stuff from other retailers.  
  2.       Crate & Kids – this store features design-forward specialty pieces. They usually offer free services for nursery design, which makes them a great choice.
  3.       Amazon – this registry is universal, which means that you have endless product options because you can buy from any retailer. Do you have an Amazon Prime account? You can get your stuff in two days.
  1.       The Bump – if you want to condense your registries into a single one, you should use this registry. It syncs registries from different stores, which makes it easier to share with people.
  2.       Buy Buy Baby – this one has everything from car seats to baby clothes. As soon as you register, you will receive a goody bag of coupons and samples. Instead of building the registry alone, you should consider asking your friends to pitch in
  3.       Pottery Barn Kids – this store creates cool nursery décor with stylish touches such as gilded mobiles. You can also personalize many of the items if you want to add a unique touch.

What to Register

The hardest part of this process is coming up with the must-have items. What you choose to put in the registry is completely up to you. However, some items are essential in baby care. Here are some must-haves:


          Simple bath toys

           Baby tub


          Soft towels

          Baby-safe lotion


You should register for different-sized baby clothes because babies grow out of clothes quickly. Here are some items to include in the registry:

          Swaddling blankets



          Footed pajamas



          Soft hat

          Burp clothes

          Hoodies and light sweaters

          Snowsuit with booties and mittens


If you want your baby to sleep safely, you should stick to a fitted sheet only without stuffed animals and pillows. You will need:

          Crib mattress

          Fitted sheets

          Waterproof mattress protector

Medical Must-haves

          Suction bulb


          Rubbing alcohol pad

          Saline nasal drops

          Nail trimmer


          Teething toy

          Activity mat

          Soft baby book

          Bouncer or swing

          Maracas or rattles


          Nursing pillow

          Breast pump

          Nursing bra

          High chair

          Baby bottle

          Bottle brushes and drying racks




          Cotton swabs

          Diaper cream

          Diaper pail

Nursery Equipment and Furniture

          Baby monitor



          Changing table

          Rocking chair

          White noise machine

Travel Stuff

          Diaper bag

          Infant car seat

          Baby carrier


          Portable changing table

          Travel crib


Babies are a blessing and you should be ready for them when they get here, especially when you’re ready to also get your family and friends to meet them using meet and greet baby invitations. The above registry checklist will come in handy for expectant mothers. If this is your first baby, ask your mom friends for advice.

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