Baby Shower Gift ideas for stylish mums

Now that your BFF is having a Baby, you have to plan well on what to give her on that special occasion you have been waiting for. It is a journey that you have been following up closely to make sure that everything is okay and that you will be among the top invites for the baby shower. Choosing a perfect gift can be a daunting task especially if you have never participle in any other baby shower. In this brief, we will guide you along factors that you should consider when choosing a gift for your BFF’s baby and ultimately give you some few suggestions.

What to consider when buying a Baby shower gift

When you are buying a gift for your BFF, then there are several things that you should consider. Some of these factors include:

What’s trending

To buy a good gift, you have to keep an eye on what’s trending in the market today. One surprising thing is that there are new trends and baby gifts coming up every year. As a result, you have to be consistent with the trends to make sure you are buying something that will please the mother and the unborn. You don’t have to donate napkins while you can buy a packet of diapers.

The budget

There’s no limit on what you can give as a gift for the unborn. What this means is that it’s only what you are willing and able to pay that makes the difference. You can gift the mother and the unborn something really expensive but that’s only if you can afford it. On the other hand, you should as well take some time to figure out what you can buy with the money you have. It doesn’t mean that because you are planning a gift for your best friend you have to drain all your financial reserves. The good thing is that she’s your friend and she will appreciate all that you offer regardless of how cheap it is.


When you are buying Baby’s gift, the first thing that should cross your mind is gender. The good thing is that there are CT scans that can determine the gender of the unborn baby. Though, gender doesn’t impact very much on the gift, especially for newborns. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take it into considerations. If you plan to buy something that the baby will grow up with, then it must be something that will match perfectly with the gender unless it’s unisex.

What are the best baby shower gifts for stylish mums in 2019?

With the above knowledge in mind, now we want to explore some of the best gifts ideas that you should consider in 2019. Though the gift you buy has something to do with the recipient’s taste and preferences but the below gift ideas are the best.

Nappy bag

This is the first gift that you should consider when you are looking for a perfect baby shower gift for stylish mums. It is one of the most imperative investments that a new mum is likely to make and if you gave her this as a baby shower gift, she could really appreciate. Nappy bags replace handbags entirely when you are traveling with the baby. It should have the capacity to carry all the baby essentials.

Apart from the nappy bag, the next thing that you shouldn’t forget when you are buying the gift is a smaller bag to carry the bare necessities. When you are shopping for the best nappy bag to gift someone, you have to spare enough time for that task. You should start by shopping online on

Parenting books

The next thing that should cross your head, in this case, is a parenting book. This can be a great gift especially when the recipient is a new mum. You can guess that there are a lot of things they don’t know and for that reason, they can be really helpful. There are several books available in the market today that you can buy with ease and present it as a gift on that long-awaited occasion.

Knit cardigan

This gift will come in if you are sure that the baby is a girl. It is a perfect gift to keep the newborn looking nice and warm throughout. Shop for the one made from super soft cotton and in a purl knit. This is to ensure that the baby is comfortable in it and at the same time looks good. It should also have a button for fastening and easy dressing. You can shop for clothing alone or seek assistance from another friend who already knows one or two things about newborns and cloths.

Getting started gift set

This is another perfect baby gift for new mums. It is a good gift when you are looking for a perfect starter pack. You can get to the market and buy a gift set that contains everything the mum will need to gently take care of the baby’s skin. Mums will appreciate every product that is found on this set including lotion, soaps, detergents and much more.

Soft toys

Now you can get some soft toys for the baby which he/she can move up with as they grow. Soft toys are standard gifts that can be given to any baby. Just get to the market and look for the best toys for newborns. The mother will also love the idea of buying toys as the kid grows.

Cute baby carrier

For every stylish man, there’s a good and reliable baby carrier. This is exactly what you are supposed to do. It is very simple for you to get to the market and spot some cute baby carriers.

The above are some of the gifts that you can buy for your BFF for the baby shower. The fact is that there’s no limit to what you can buy and hence you have to make up the mind and get something that matches your budget.

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