A Busy Mommy’s Checklist To Winterize Your Living Space

Busy moms who juggle home and work always have their hands full. You have housework to manage, kids to send off to school, and weekly cleaning schedules, along with handling your professional responsibilities. Winters only increase your workload as prepping your place for the cold weather requires a lot of work. While you need to start even before the season starts, there is a lot that you will need to keep doing throughout these months. Having a checklist for winterizing your living space at hand will ensure that you do not miss out on anything. Here is one for busy mommies who want to stay a step ahead of the winter chill.

Inspect the doors and windows

To start with, you need to examine the doors and windows and check cracks, crevasses, and points of entry. Even the best heating system will not work if cold air enters the house through these points. Sealing them at the start of the season helps, though you must keep an eye throughout the winter. Applying weatherstripping to the perimeter of doors also helps. Check the window glasses and get them replaced if there are any gaps.

Get the fireplace ready

As temperatures start dropping, you will want to spend warm evenings by the fireplace, so ensure that it is ready well in time. It is the right time to upgrade to an electric heater fireplace because it is a healthier alternative to the traditional one. There is no smoke and fumes, and you need not burn wood and fuel. The system is eco-friendly yet does not cost a fortune. When it comes to functionality, it heats just as a traditional fireplace does, and your home is as cozy as it should be.

Keep an eye on the building’s foundation

Busy moms often bother too much about keeping the house warm, and pest control takes a backseat. However, you will not want to end up with a massive infestation only because you believe that these intruders hibernate in winter. Keep an eye on the foundation and cover any cracks because they are easy entry points for rats, mice, and other rodents at this time of the year. Also, be vigilant about the signs of pests in the basement.

Pay attention to plumbing

Another aspect of home winterization that you may forget is plumbing, but not preparing it for the season may get you into trouble. Look for the water main and remember its location because it will help you a lot in case of a plumbing emergency. Pay heed to the smallest leakages and get professional help right when you need it. Insulate the pipes prior to winter to prevent them from bursting during the sub-zero temperatures. Insulation also cuts down your energy bills because you can save a lot on water heating.

The comfort of your family should be your top priority during the winter. Just following this checklist will have you covered as it ensures comfort and warmth for your living space.


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