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Pets 101: Food, Toys, Safety + The Resource List Pet Sites

Hi all,

I hope that in these times of uncertainty you have managed to keep a healthy lifestyle and to maintain a healthy perspective. It seems like 2020 threw in some real challenges for all of us, and the truth is we’re not still sure when all of this will be finished.

During the past couple of months, I have tried as much as I could to pause and listen to people. A lot of my friends and family were experiencing the same – uncertainty, anxiety, fear, and, sometimes, insomnia.

One of the things that helped me immensely was our furry friends: 2 dogs and a cat (Zara, Nika and Suca).

So, I want to dedicate this post today to either taking better care of your furry friends or, if you’re thinking of adopting a furry friend, share some resources on how and where to do that 🙂


Pet food

Although people often think that your dog or a cat can eat all that you do – this is obviously a myth. Besides sugar like chocolate or raisins that can be highly toxic for your dog, other foods that you should not feed your dog are:

  • Citrus
  • Avocado
  • Caffeine, alcohol
  • Certain nuts


Here is the list of some of the resources to help you out with this topic:



Toys that are safe for your pets

It is possible that you have read some scary essays and reports concerning toxins that can easily be found in your pets toys. Naturally, you want to keep your pet safe so here’s how to tell if the toy is pet-safe – reading what it is made of and searching online for specific composition is quite good.

Also, here are some resources to help you out:




Keeping your pet cool during summer

A lot of misconceptions about this one. As temperatures rise here are some resources on how to keep your pet cool:



Pet blogs to follow

Here is the list of general blogs about pets, blogs about dogs or cats, that might help you understand and take better care of your pet! Don’t forget – pets are family!

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