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Surprisingly Out Of The Box Applications For Air Compressor

When it comes to industrial equipment, most of the people would not even go for anything other than their intended applications. This applies to air compressors as well.

Most people think of an air compressor only when they need to inflate flat tires. But, the fact of the matter is, compressors can do more than that.

Before we head on to the innovative ideas, it is important to understand that the quality of air compressor matters the most. Brett Patterson from Able Sales says that although it’s tempting to spend less when buying a new appliance, you often end up spending more in repairs down the road. So, it is best to understand your needs first and then match the features offered by the air compressor.

Let’s dive right into the world of creativity that you can explore with the help of an air compressor.

Create Your Own Fire

Through those windy icy nights, when you need extra warmth, crackling fire cannot suffice the need. This is where an air compressor can prove to be helpful. Releasing mild streams of air directly below the fire-place can increase the intensity of the fire and provide you with much-needed warmth.

The principle is supplying the fire with more oxygen. Additionally, with gentle streams of air, fire is spread more to the unburnt fuel, thus, enraging the flames.

Amazing Snow-Clad Parties

For those theme parties, when you need something creative, how does a snow-party sound to you? Yes, you can create artificial snow-flakes with the help of an air compressor. All you need is thawed ice and feed it to a crusher.

Impress your guests by inviting them to your snow-clad theme party. Be it Christmas or any other time of the year, you don’t need to wait to enjoy snowy winters.

Break-It or FIx-It

You must have heard of nail-guns or paint guns. Most of these pieces of equipment are accessories to air compressors. You can attach an air gun, loaded with a nail-cartridge and use the same for punching nails into wooden or even metallic surfaces.

Furthermore, you can use an air compressor to paint. Of course, the conventional method of painting your home with brush and roller requires a lot of time. And this time can be cut to half, with the help of air compressors. All you need to take care of is to set the pressure carefully, to get an optimal spray of paint with necessary force.

Your Cleaning Companion

You must be thinking of how insane this idea sounds. Unlike a vacuum cleaner that makes use of a suction mechanism to collect debris and dirt, air compressors, use high-pressure air streams to blow away the same.

You can clean your lawn after weed-whacking, or clean your work-desk after you’re done building chicken-sheds. Air compressors are best suited for cleaning areas, where the debris is heavier and does not suspend in the air.

These innovative ideas to use air compressors have truly changed the conventional prejudice about industrial equipment.

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