Top 5 Interesting Facts That Will Make You Want To Travel

You have been reading many articles about traveling. Do you know why the posts are published online often? Because people like to travel. Traveling is among the top priority recreational activity for many people. Yet, there are some people, including you, who have not considered traveling yet. If you wanted to know why you should travel, then here is the information you have been looking for.

Traveling is not only about spending money. Even huge companies pay a retreat or vacation trip for their employees so they can travel and gain experience or improve in some way. But on top of all that, Forbes has published an article explaining how traveling benefits your mental health.

If you are wondering what to do on your next holiday, think about traveling out. We have highlighted the top 5 reasons why you should travel. These travel benefits will make anybody want to go on a vacation abroad.

1. Traveling Does not Mean Expensive Budgets

Many people are afraid of traveling because travel is equated to lots of expenses. It is true that most places around the world charge many dollars for booking hotel rooms, food, as well as various sporting or recreational activities. This is a common challenge for people from developing countries and those whose personal budgets are tight.

But there are places that you can visit and enjoy your journey for the price of a pair of pants. Yes, some places charge minimal amounts for hotel (bed) accommodation. Cambodia has the cheapest rooms for booking which cost around $1 USD per night. Museums in the region (Southeast Asia) charge $1 USD for entry.

As you can see, you can set aside a few bucks to travel and enjoy your vacation away from home. The small change you receive after purchases can facilitate your trips. For instance, when you buy ktm parts online, you save some bucks than when you shop at your local store. You can spend that on a bed and enjoy stuff in some cities that are affordable for trips.

2. Traveling by Air is the Safest Option

Maybe you have the ambition to travel abroad and explore the world but you are afraid of air crashes. The media is consistent in showing only the bad side of anything to the point that we are afraid of the innovations that came to help us. But the truth is that traveling by air is the safest form of transportation ever.

Statistics indicate that the chance of getting involved in a plane accident is negligible. For every 11,000,000 flights you make, a plane crash may only happen in one with you inside. In simpler terms, the probability is one in every 11 million flights. Another fact is that a plane accident occurs after every 2 million flights. This number includes all aircraft, e.g. personal planes, commercial planes, etc. But even in a plane crash, there is a 95.7% chance of survival.

When compared to road travel, the airplane is the safest option you can go for. The chances of dying on road accident are 1 in every 5,000. It is even more likely to be a shark victim than you will get involved in a plane crash. Get your fears off, travel the world and motivate yourself.

3. You Can Tour a Country Fully in a Few Hours

When thinking about trips, people think of big nations like Russia and Australia. But have you considered the small countries options? There are many countries that are smaller than your city where you buy quality roof racks, Adelaide which is about just 4.1 sq miles.

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, and it would be more interesting to tour it and come back to your country on the same day. But the country is the most densely populated in the world with over 38 thousand people on a land of 0.78 sq mi. To enter Monaco, you have to book an airline to Cote d’Azur Airport and take a bus.

4. Traveling is Good for Psychological Well Being

Instead of buying stuff for the holidays, you can travel and get to experience the various cultures and improve your personality. Personal development is also good for your growth. Once you are through with your trip, you will be happier than the person who spends the money to get material items for themselves.

5. Security Concerns? Visit Iceland

Iceland is the safest country for both the local inhabitants and tourists. The country has held its position as the safest destination for tourists for more than a decade now. You will also enjoy the diverse landscape and features to build up your wanderlust.

Summing Up

Traveling is beneficial to your health as well as your business or personal growth. If you view traveling as an enemy to your pocket, you may need to reconsider.


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