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The 4 Major Benefits Programs for Veterans

Veterans Days is the day observed by the federal government for the country to celebrate servicemen and women. We honor these servicemen and women who have risked their lives to give the citizens of the United States the continuous freedom, that some of us often take for granted.

Since officially being passed as a federal holiday in 1938, the benefits offered to Veterans under the act has tremendously grown.

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To thank Veterans for their service to their country, many government benefits have been allocated to Veterans and their dependents. Currently, there are 4 major benefit programs: disability compensation, Veteran’s pension programs, free or low-cost medical care through VA hospitals and medical facilities and education programs.

1. Disability compensation

Veterans with a service-related disability or that have any discharge for reasons other than “dishonorable” may be eligible for a monthly tax-free benefit ranging from $133 to over $3,400 every month, depending on if they meet the qualifications. The reason(s) that you can be paid more is if your situation is more severe which includes up to a loss of limbs, your disability makes you unemployable or you have dependents including a spouse and children.

2. Veteran’s pension programs

Another monetary compensation that veterans can receive is Veterans Pension. Veterans Pension, just like disability compensation, is a tax-free monetary benefit that can be allocated to low-income wartime Veterans. There are minimum requirements for the pension including the length of service duty, age, and disability status.

3. Free or low-cost medical care

Through the VA hospitals and medical facilities, veterans are offered low cost or completely free medical care. A financial assessment has to be completed and submitted along with service duty requirements.

4. Education Programs

Not only are service members eligible to receive educational benefits, but their dependents are also as well. There are multiple benefits that a veteran and their dependents may be eligible so it is best to submit an application and visit the VA office through your educational institution.

In addition to the 4 major benefits programs, there are also secondary benefit programs which include home loans, job training, small businesses and business loans (through the Small Business Administration), counseling, burials, and memorials. These programs may be harder to qualify for and may not extend to their dependents especially the small business loans; however, they are worth the time to research the options.

Besides the serious benefits that the federal government offers Veterans, the majority of the companies here in the United States like Starbucks who also offer veterans discounts, especially on Veterans Day. If you are interested in all the companies that offer discounts while out shopping or free meals at a plethora of restaurants, request your copy of DD214. In addition to the free meals at restaurants such as Red Lobster, veterans can also receive free haircuts, car washes, oil changes, a free night at a bed and breakfast, free entrance into national parks, free admission to many museums, theme parks, and zoos plus discounts on travel and movies which includes the veterans immediately family. Research your favorite places to confirm what their perks are as you deserve each and every one on that day.

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