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4 Summer Jewelry Trends

With everything that 2020 threw at us, you deserve to take a break from everything in 2021 and get yourself some upgraded pieces jewelry as you prepare to usher in this summer of freedom! Jewelry upgrades your look giving you elegance and timeless class. Whether you are preparing for a zoom meeting or just want to look good by the swimming pool, getting the right jewelry is crucial for your style but also for your way of living. With the many jewelry shops available physically or online, you need to do proper research to get stylish but affordable jewelry! Here are some of the trendiest pieces for summer to get you going!

Bling Bling Bling

We have been cooped up inside, it is time to let our jewels and personalities shine through, literally! Pile all your diamond earrings, necklaces, whatever you got over a little black dress and head out for warm summer nights. This is also the time to travel and collect some amazing pieces while on the road! Thin Europe this summer to get your blingy journey going! To get some inspiration of diamonds or other stunning pieces to help you shine, check out some jewelry shops in Milan like Pisa Orologeria for example. Buying diamonds outside of the US is also often much cheaper, so get your passport out and enjoy a summer out with your new babies

Heavy Gold Chains

Chunky gold chains are such a simple, yet effective way to upgrade really any look and just make it all feel so expensive! This summer however, we are going big or going home. Thick chains adorning your wrist or neck in different textures from braided or ribbed, all can be styled so easily with simply a plain white t-shirt or a swimsuit for an extra glam look. Since its gold anyway, you can wear it in the pool or to the beach.

Pearls in Different Shapes

The best-loved gems of all time are hands down pearls and they come in different sizes, colors and styles. The most commonly occurring pearls come in white and cream colors. However, black, grey, and silver pearls are also common and are used to make a variety of jewelry like chains, bangles, and rings. Many jewelers use different types of pearls like the Akoya Cultured pearls, South Sea cultured pearls, Tahitian cultured pearls among other pearls to make beautiful jewelry. Nowadays pearls are created for summer styles to mock seashells, aka your go-to summer piece!

Rainbow Jewels

Sapphire jewels are not only hugely in fashion right now, but they are just so stunning to look at! You can get sapphire jewels in a variety of colors, or find pieces that have various colors all together. These really are the ultimate summer gems to have due to their diversity and fun aspect because you can really make anything pop and vibrant!
This summer the keyword is extra! Extra freedom, extra style, extra happiness is all at our feet this year since this year we are almost free from the pandemic and it’s time to celebrate surviving this terrible virus.

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