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What to Do On a Lazy Sunday

Say no to the Sunday Scaries! As you prepare for the new week ahead of you and wind down from the weekend, Sunday is the perfect day to do something that makes you feel good about yourself and dedicate some time to relaxing and chilling.

So for your lazy Sundays, here are a few ideas of what you can do to take that time for yourself:

Do an at-home facial

Most people find that they don’t have as much time to pamper themselves during the week, so Sunday is the perfect day to take this time for yourself!

If you have the time and/or energy for it, you can create a whole at-home spa experience with treatments, essential oils, and a relaxing space. But even if you really just want to dedicate under 20 minutes to this self-care step, you can get a relaxing and skin-boosting at-home facial in! Opt for a mask that feels luxurious and gets you in the relaxation mood, such as a gorgeous Blue Lagoon mud mask. Your skin will be glowing afterwards and be very grateful!

Plan your next week

Since Monday mornings and the weeks can ramp up quickly, take some time on Sunday to plan your upcoming week. Pencil in priorities you want to focus on, and this way when the week rolls around, you know what to expect.

Watch a new series on Hulu

There’s nothing like relaxing and settling in to watch a new Hulu TV series on a Sunday. Make yourself a coffee or a tea, and give yourself permission to just sit and chill. If you want, you can even mix in some light stretching while you watch!

Organize your closet and rest of your home while at it

A way you can set yourself up for a new week is to tackle organization projects on Sundays. Organize your closet, perhaps set out outfits for the upcoming week (especially if you work in office), and organize the rest of your home while you’re at it! A general clean and organization will bring even greater peace of mind as you’re in a decluttered and space.

Meal plan and prep for the next few days

Meal planning and prepping on Sundays means that your meals are thought of and taken care for the next few days! This can help make sure you’re eating healthy and proper meals throughout the week, no matter how busy your schedule gets! It also helps cut down on food waste and ultimately your grocery expenses.

These are just some small activities we can all do at home to get us prepared for Monday’s and the long week ahead. Whichever activities that help put you in a peaceful and rejuvenated state of mind are the ones you’ll want to consider including for these Sundays!

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