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Dressing Your Baby for Winter

We all know how freezing the temperature can get around winter time. Here are some of the latest tips to help you keep your baby all warm and cozy through the winter. We’ll cover all situations such as indoor and outdoor activities when driving and so much more. Be sure to comment at the end of this article in the comment section and provide your own personal tips to the readers!

While Driving

While driving, baby safety is very important. Therefore, your child’s clothes are very important. During the winter period, it is important that you keep your baby away from coats that are bulky in nature, bunting, and a host of sleeping bags which are also known as cozies. This is because these dresses have the ability or potential to compress or get pressed when there is an accident or a crash. This compression could lead to injuries for the baby. If you are looking to avoid this kind of result for your child, the best thing to do would be to ensure that your child is always dressed in layers which are thin in nature. Also, ensure that your baby is well tucked in a blanket. This should be done before the baby is finally buckled.

If it is a very cold day, you could try to do a one-piece suit with long sleeves on it. This can be worn under a one suit outfit which is fleece in nature. This is the recommendation which is given by Carole Kramer who also happens to be the writer of the book that is popularly referred to as the bible of everything babies. You can also go with a sweater made of cotton or try adding to the blankets which they are tucked under. Naturally, you should have a heater in your car. Once the heater is on and heating quite nicely, you can proceed to ensure that your baby does not feel hot by removing the blanket.

While on a Walk

There is one thing which is important to your child, and that is clean, fresh and unadulterated air. This is necessary even in cold and chilly weather. You should try to take your baby on walks during this period. This is especially important if your baby is at least three years old. However, it is a well-known fact that babies are more likely to catch a cold faster than adults. Thus while taking this walk to give your baby a dose of fresh air, you can dress your baby in a one-piece suit which is long sleeved in nature. This should be accompanied by a deep winter coat. If this coat does nothing for his or her legs, you can always choose to back this up some boots to keep his or her feet warm. 

You can easily spot when your baby is cold during this walk. Some of the symptoms of cold include your baby suddenly becoming all fuzzy or crying. Other more subtle symptoms could also include shivering or pale skin on exposed body parts. You would have to keep a watch over your baby

While Playing in the Snow

Kids love to play in the snow, and this can be a real problem for parents especially when it comes to keeping them well protected. If your infant is well above six months, there is a very high possibility that your infant would be excited and kicking to play in the snow. You should make sure that your infant has a waterproof snowsuit on or preferably a snow jacket. Other things which should be worn would include pants that are waterproof and boots to make their feet warm. The most important when playing in the snow for children is to stay as dry as possible. Hence, most if not all the clothes used must be waterproof. If you notice any signs of discomfort in your child, it would be best if you take him or her back indoors.

Staying Indoors

Staying indoors is less complex due to the fact that your baby is not in direct with the sun. Therefore, you can choose to take it easy on the layer of cloth which your infant wears. The rule of one-more-layer should hold sway over you here. In other words, make sure that your infant is dressed in one extra layer than the one you feel is right.

If you are concerned about the present temperature of your child, you can figure it out by placing any of your hands either at his or her back or near her stomach region. It is important to keep your baby or infant warm and cozy especially when they are asleep. This would keep them safe at all times. Properly dressing up can be a challenge if you’re not sure where to find exactly what you need. There are some online boutique baby stores that sell the necessary winter clothes you need like Bitsy Bug Boutique (which is one of our favorites) that are a bit more affordable for going through these phases. One thing to remember is that you’ll be switching out of clothes every 3 months so you need to properly plan your purchases and or baby clothing round-up.

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