Mother’s Day, The Sweetest Of All Days!

There are few days of the year that mean more to us than Mother’s Day. This is the day we celebrate life. The life our mother gave to us, and the life we nurture and pass on to our own children.

I celebrated my first one just after giving birth to my lovely Boy. It was a time when we were still settling in after the birth, and trying to adjust to the new life.

My husband’s parents came over and surprised me with a beautiful baby Moses basket – it was a great fit into our bedroom, a super-comfy for our 2-month old baby boy and just something that I will treasure for years to come.

But, there are other ways to celebrate this day. Here are some suggestions:

How can you celebrate Mother’s Day?

There are many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, but one thing you can be sure if there will be wonderful sweets somewhere in the mix. Candy is a special treat.

Even in this day and age where we are more health-conscious, we know the importance of a special treat from time to time.  Whole30 desserts are a great treat for the mom who is focusing on real food.

Whether you are celebrating with a beautiful handmade gift basket, a special luncheon, or a full-blown celebration complete with a candy buffet, you will need to find bulk candy, cheap and fast. We would like to share some last minute Mother’s Day ideas with you that include bulk candy for the sweetest of all holidays,

Summer Hat Gift Basket

This is a great idea for a last spring Mother’s Day gift. Select a summer hat. It can be a baseball cap or a straw hat, and stuff the hat with shredded tissue paper Note, the hat will remain upside down and will serve as the basket. Add the items you think your mother will like. Here are some examples:

Here are some examples:

  • Sunscreen
  • Lotion
  • Flower or vegetable seeds
  • Small trowel
  • Garden gloves
  • Cooling facial masks
  • Small jewelry items
  • Perfume
  • Scented candles
  • Lots of her favorite candy!

Now wrap the hat in gift basket cellophane and gather at the top with a rubber band. Tie lots of curly ribbon around the top and you have a beautiful, custom-made gift basket just for mom.

Candy Buffet Surprise

Invite mom and other family and friends over for brunch or dinner. Instead of dessert, create a unique candy buffet in mom’s honor.  You will select three colors and stick to hues of those three colors. Cover your table with table covering of your choice. This can be fabric, under a sheet of lace, or a country style tablecloth, solids, gingham, lace, satin, or denim, Anything goes.  

Place larger clear containers on the back section, midsize containers in the middle, and trays or small jars on the front. The centerpiece can be a bouquet of flowers, a gift basket, pictures of your family, or even a sign that reads Happy Mother’s Day.

Fill the containers up ¾ full with the bulk candy you selected. Let your supplier help you color coordinate the selections for a bigger impact. Decorate the tops of the containers with bows if you like. Do not forget to add scoops so your guests can retrieve the candy and provide gift bags or boxes for them to take their selections. As the candy jars empty, layer them with remaining candy. (You will need about 8-ounces of candy per person.)

Create a backdrop of cloth, lights, ribbons, balloons, or whatever you like to bring your candy buffet together.  If you are concerned about any of your guests, be sure you order some selections that are allergy friendly, or sugar-free if needed.

Surprise package

Perhaps this year you have gotten your mother a special gift. Maybe a vacation package, a mother’s ring, or tickets for a cruise. Buy a beautiful box and place the gift inside. Now fill the box to the brim with your bulk candy selections. Top the box with a lovely bow and a note that hints to what the box contains. Sit back and enjoy as you mom uncovers the gift of a lifetime.

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