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Moving with Car During PCS

PCS, or Permanent Change of Station, is a regular occurrence for military personnel. In fact, many soldiers eventually envisioned Hawaii as their future home location. After all, what more can you ask for than breezy days, warm weather, and stunning beaches?

It’s easy to imagine living in Hawaii, where the scenery is stunning, the temperature is pleasant, and the people are welcoming. However, if you’re serious about entering the Aloha State, there’s more to it than grabbing a backpack and buying a surfboard.

Moving to Hawaii

The first thing you should do is start preparing a checklist as soon as you receive your PCS orders to Hawaii. In addition, the first item on your to-do list should be to tackle Household Goods Shipment (HGS). Because Hawaii is 3,000 KM from the mainland, it will take some time for your products to arrive.

In general, you will be granted a weight allowance for the HGS. As a result, make sure to put the essential things first.

So, make an appointment with the moving company once you have ensured that all of your critical things are included. After this, confirm that the moving timeframe corresponds to your schedule.

Then, before the movers arrive, make a list of everything you ship. If you’re transporting high-value goods, try to buy more insurance coverage. In addition, cash, jewels, critical papers, and other valuables should not be packed in your HHG cargo. Instead, it’s best to bring them with you.

Moreover, you must report to the housing office within 72 hours of your arrival. You will then be routed to either on-base or off-base temporary accommodation. Depending on a variety of criteria, you may be granted extra temporary accommodation for a period of up to 60 days.

Another crucial thing is to attend the newcomers’ briefing, in which spouses are expected to participate as well. These briefings are held monthly, and information about them may be found in each base’s housing office.

Since there’s no physical bridge connecting the mainland and the island, it will mean that driving your vehicle from your current base and carrying your items in it is not an option. Anyway, this article will talk more about PCS my POV in the next part.

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Shipping Your POV to Hawaii

Now that you are well-informed on preparing for your move to Hawaii, let’s move on to another critical topic: Personal Owned Vehicle (POV). As previously stated, it is not possible to drive your POV to Hawaii. This means you’ll need to hire the services of a car transport company.

The first step is to ask an auto shipping company and plan for them to collect up your vehicle. You may have the company pick up your car at whatever location you like. It either can be your home for your convenience, a public parking lot for easy access, or you deliver your POV to the company’s office.

Your POV will then be loaded onto a trailer, transferred to a ship, and shipped throughout the Pacific Ocean by the company. You may also have it sent to any port in Hawaii of your choice. However, since you are a military member, your POV will typically be sent to Honolulu VPC.

You’ll need to fill out various documents here, including DD Form 788, 788-1, and 788-2. You must also check that your POV has one-fourth tank of fuel and that the VIN matches the paperwork.

Likewise, it’s best to ensure that your POV is in a healthy and operational state before handing it over to the car shipping firm.

Moreover, it’s best to look for window cracks, and oil leaks then have the car repaired before shipment to ensure that it is in good working order. If the vehicle is considered unsafe to run at the port, it will not be sent.

It’s best to create a list of anything you’re shipping if you’re transporting personal things in the POV. This is necessary so that you can double-check that you still have them when you collect the POV at your location. Even so, it is preferable if you carry all essential documents and possessions with you.

If you have leased a vehicle, you must obtain clearance from the lending institution, which must be presented on the specific leasing firm’s letterhead. You must also consult with your sponsor to obtain approval for your POV shipment.

POV Registration in Hawaii

Having your vehicle delivered to Hawaii does not mean that you may drive it wherever you like. After all, every car on the island must be registered under Hawaii law. So, after your POV arrives, you must register it with the local authorities within 30 days of arrival.

The POV must complete the Hawaii State Safety Inspection for your car registration to be authorized. You may just phone one of the many available garages to ask whether they do Safety Inspections and book an appointment.


Hawaii is a fantastic destination that some people can live in and cherish for the rest of their lives. After all, when you go to Hawaii and engage with the people, everyone becomes family. This is precisely what makes Hawaii so meaningful to so many people.

So, once you’ve finished all of the briefings, reports, and paperwork, take some time to cruise through neighborhoods and just enjoy the community surrounding you. Remember to keep the “Aloha” attitude alive by being courteous, caring, and kind to others as well as the natural environment.

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