Personal Opinion: Why Should Businesses Offer Military Discounts?

Being a military mom and wife to two kids, one toddler and one infant, and my husband is often deployed and I am struggling often. Struggling to manage the kids’ needs.

The funny thing is before my daughter was born, I thought to care for my son alone was difficult but juggling life with two babies is hard! But I manage because I have to and my kids need to be as together as I possibly can.

Aside from the stress I deal with at home from caring for my little ones, the other thing that constantly stresses me out is money.

Though, my money woes are not nearly as bad as they are to those who have not learned to be frugal and to look for deals and discounts.

Because of money being so tight, I have been forced to become frugal and to take advantage of military discounts!

If you are wondering where to find military discounts, I’ve prepared a list to help you navigate!

What I Like About Military Discounts

I am here to tell other military families to do the same because they will end up saving so much money in the end, which will lessen the financial strain on everyone!

These military discounts are truly a Godsend!

And I am thankful for businesses that offer discounts to those who are serving the country, or who have served our country, and dependents of those serving the country.

I honestly only do business with companies that offer military discounts. Even though it is not a requirement for companies to do so, it is a true indicator that these companies that offer them really show their appreciation to those who are fighting for their country.

Aside from that, companies that do not offer military discounts are losing out.

Let’s face the facts about offering military discounts

The military community is large, and the military market makes up over 8 million consumers. Additionally, there are over 30 million veterans and spouses that have a purchasing power of over $1 trillion per year!

Let’s take a closer look at how much power there is when it comes to military families.

Military families have an income that is 35% higher than the average family and have three times more vacation time as well. They also move twice as often to a new address and travel five times often more than the average family.

Additionally, all of the military families really do appreciate these discounts. However, I found it a bit odd that only 68% of these families take advantage of these discounts, and 75% would use them more if they were available online.

I bet more would use them if they knew that these discounts exist. It was also indicated that 85% of military families would be more likely to shop in stores that offered Military Appreciation Days.


So do you see why businesses really would benefit from offering military discounts to those that are sacrificing for their country, to those who have sacrificed for their country, and to dependents of those making these sacrifices?

Companies that do not offer these discounts are truly missing out. I can say this for sure because like I said I will mostly shop at stores and do business with companies that offer military discounts.

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