Seven pests you are likely to encounter while traveling

A vacation is a time to spend with friends or family away from home and sometimes overseas. It’s can be about booking an air ticket, accommodation, and sites where you’d like to spend the holiday. You may be traveling alone for business or any other reason.

Since you’ll be taking some leave away from your peaceful home, its important take precautions to prevent harmful pests which may otherwise disrupt your comfortable stay. These measures include taking necessary vaccination to prevent diseases associated with attacks from certain pests.

Although vaccines may be a long time solution, the bites from such insects are very irritating or even painful and should be avoided at all costs is possible. For more information on insects and pests, The wave pest website has everything you need to know about pests.

Here, we’ll discuss the likely pests to encounter while traveling. What pests are you like to encounter while on travel? Read on.



Mosquitoes thrive well in warm temperatures. Unlike the bedbugs, the mosquitoes are not likely to be carried along with your luggage, so you just require to prevent their bites by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long trousers. Avoid wearing shorts or open shoes as any exposed part of your body is like to be attacked. While outdoors, you can keep away mosquitoes by wearing mosquito hunting nets.   


At home, ticks are found in pets and in national parks from wild animals. In the wild where animals are scattered all over ticks are not controlled, and you’ll pick them from the grasses or the ground. A tick can crawl onto your clothes, but for it to survive, it must stick on the body of living animal preferably one with fur. A tick bite is not noticeable, and in most cases its’s harmless. However, there is a certain type of tick which can cause tick-borne diseases in human and have an allergic reaction.

Ticks are likely to bite your legs and hands. Consider wearing long socks and long-sleeved shirts.   


Lice live with human beings so if you find a louse on your coats or any clothes you’re wearing it is obvious someone near you is infested. Lice which infest the hair are black in color, and the type that is found in hidden parts of clothes is clear in color. Pubic lice are very stubborn and infest the pubic hair. It causes a lot of itchiness around the pubic area, especially when it’s hot. You’ll not help to scratch even in public.

It’s transferred from an infected person through the sharing of towels. Any lice will cause itchiness when it bites. Infestation is associated with dirt, and unlike the bedbug which can hide in beddings and upholstery, it cannot live away from the human. You can catch lice while traveling or by sharing hats or other clothes. 

Avoid sharing clothes while on travel and to prevent pubic lice infestation carry with you a towel and flannel. Keep your clothes in sealed bags and check your clothes thoroughly before you wear to spot any pests hiding there. 

Tsetse flies 

These pests are found in tropical Africa. Tsetse bite is very painful and is known to cause sleeping sickness or trypanosomiasis. Its bite will also cause body fatigue with throbbing headaches and can even lead to swollen aching joints. In preventing tsetse fly bite, it’s advisable to wear shirts with long sleeves, use a hat with an insect catching net to cover your head.

Tsetse flies are not active during the day, so they retreat in bushland and appear at night. Avoid bushy areas during the day. They can also hide inside the vehicle and before boarding, do a thorough check to ensure no insect is inside and if noticed spray with insecticide first, allow a few minutes and then get inside. 

Bed bugs 

These insects are likely to infest you while traveling and from your hotel room. Immediately you enter your room have a thorough check on the beddings, the luggage racks, wardrobes and the seats too. Avoid placing your luggage on the bed since this is where the pests hide and lay in wait to feast on humans during bedtime.

If you notice infestation don’t wait for the bugs to give you sleepless nights, look for alternative accommodation and let the hotel know. When you go back home, ensure all the clothes used and unused are laundered and dried in high temperatures to kill any pest which may have strayed into your luggage. Shoes should be cleaned and dusted properly to ensure no bug is hidden inside there.     


A cockroach is harmless but can cause embarrassment if it crawls on your coat in full view of other travelers. A cockroach can go without food for days, and you can travel miles and miles back home carrying a cockroach in your luggage. Just a few cockroaches can breed within a short time and fill your home. It could have laid its eggs on your clothes, and while you reach home, the eggs will just hatch and multiply in your home. Cockroaches can even be found in very clean holes and can find their way into your luggage.

They can even hide in your reading materials such as magazines and newspapers and transported back home. Frisk all the magazines and books before placing them in your suitcase. Shake your clothes first to free any cockroach which may be hiding there before you fold them and pack in your suitcase. All the used clothes should be stored in tightly closed plastic bags to ensure no other pests hide there. If you had opened packets of snacks like biscuits, the cockroaches could be hiding there. Do not pack such things with your clothes, discard them.


Ants are usually attracted to sweet things. Keep jars of jam, honey, and marmalade tightly closed when in pick nicks to prevent the ants from entering. It’s likely to carry them back home together with other luggage and will multiply very fast and spread all over your home. 


Pests live with us, and every person is at risk of being infested or being attacked at any time. What’s important is to take vaccines when you suspect certain pests will cause a disease. Prevention is better than cure. Failing to take a vaccine against malaria, yellow fever or other life-threatening diseases caused by insects is similar to driving an automobile without an insurance cover. Be always alert and take the necessary precautions before a certain pest gives you uncomfortable stay away from home.                                

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