Traveling with your bobblehead, the do’s and the don’ts

Are you planning a trip out of town? Perhaps yes. It could be a flight, road trip or a ship cruise. Probably you want to take with you your adorable bobblehead. Maybe you want to wake up each morning and have a glimpse of your collectible. It’s pretty understandable; bobbleheads can be addictive. Some people have a supper collection of them. Most people travel far and wide just to acquire this favorite collection. It can be so disappointing if you return from your holiday with broken pieces of your bobblehead. More so, if you could land in jail in a foreign country for flaunting travel rules.

Without a doubt, bobbleheads have changed the way we view things around us. They are not just dolls but help in expressing our inner thoughts and emotions. You can order for a custom bobblehead at the comfort of your home. You only need to share your idea and order online. Click here for more information on bobbleheads.

What are the precaution measures should you have in place when traveling with your bobblehead. Let’s have a look shortly.



Pack just enough

You want to carry everything, especially if you are going on an overseas trip. It can help if you check with your travel agency the amount of luggage allowable. Check with them if toys are allowed in flights since, after all, your favorite bobblehead is a doll.

However, despite the assurance from your airline provider, it can look odd if you stuffed your suitcase with dozens of your bobbleheads. Carefully select the favorite amongst all. At least two bobbleheads will carry the day. Take pictures of the rest and carry with you the memories.

Trips abroad can be exhausting, more so if you don’t know what lies ahead. Therefore since you’ll be carrying everything from suitcases and maybe you want to bring some new things homes, it’s vital to check on your luggage details.

Bobbleheads are light dolls and don’t carry much weight. However, they can be bulky if carried in excess. Squeeze just one or two in your suitcase and get going. Of course, you won’t have trouble with the airline authorities.

If you’re traveling on a road trip, the same thing applies. You don’t want to fill your car trunk with dozens of bobbleheads. Pack just enough. You can choose your favorite character or the most recent acquisition.

Are you traveling alone?

This is one question you need to ask before you pack your bobbleheads. During the holiday season families travel together. It’s a time for being together as a family. If you have small kids, most likely they want to bring their toys with them.

It could be they too have their own bobbleheads. Of course, you don’t want to overcrowd your luggage with your toys without considering the rest of the family. Ensure every person can at least carry their doll with them. In this way, everybody will be happy.

Are there bobbleheads abroad?

You want to attend a favorite match abroad, and there’s nothing stopping you. There are tickets all over and lots of trailers about bobblehead giveaways to fans attending the contents. And here is a unique chance to grab the latest bobblehead of your favorite sportsperson. 

There could be a problem, though. Will you be able to bring your latest collection home? That’s where planning becomes vital. You need to have a solid strategy. For instance, you need to know how many bobbleheads you’re going to bring home. Can they fit in your luggage?

If you’re exploring on a business trip and you’d like to mix business and pleasure, which too should be a consideration. Will your bobbleheads interfere with your plans? Well, plan, plan and plan. If there’s more space to carry your latest acquisition, then carry as many bobbleheads as possible.

If you want to sneak some new bobbleheads into your hotel, check on the rules of the hotel and without forgetting your travel agency.

Do you want to gift your loved one?

Quite often, people travel abroad for various reasons: business or pleasure or both. Ask me; every overseas travel has its ups and downs. But, if you are alone, your loved ones at home will be expecting a gift from the faraway land.

During your free time, probable you can walk around and admire nature. Depending on your location, you can buy your loved one a bobblehead gift just to show them you love and care. Again, check on your travel agency to avoid breaking the rules.


Lastly, make your visit memorable and order a bobblehead. Before you come back home, you can order for a custom made bobblehead that will remind you of your trip abroad. Bobbleheads dolls are a remembrance of trips abroad. For example, if you visited the UK, you’d probably want a bobblehead of the queen or Princess Diana.

Better still, if you traveled to attend a music concert by your favorite musician, you’d probably want a bobblehead of that musician. If you went to Italy, you’d want a pope bobblehead. The options are limitless. Bobbleheads help in expressing your inner desires and what a better way to keep hopes and dreams alive than having a custom made bobblehead.

In such a situation, you don’t have to look for stores abroad to make your bobblehead. You can simply make your order online and have it delivered at your doorstep when you get home.

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