Smart Home Hacks

You’re most likely familiar with the term “smart home.” If you haven’t heard of the phrase yet, here’s a crash course. 

What is a smart home? 

One of the most popular device-connected parts of modern homes is the light fixture. Lights can be turned on and off at will using authorized devices. 

Taking the root word smart from the ultra-popular smartphone, smart home refers to homes with appliances, lights, heating and cooling systems, windows, and other parts of homes that one can interact with connections to one or more electronic devices. Roughly 90,000,000 smart-compatible devices were sold throughout the world this year – they don’t appeal to a niche market, by any means. 

Smart home-friendly devices are connected wirelessly to authorized tablets, smartphones, computers, and other modern devices. They are either connected by Bluetooth or wireless Internet. 

People desire smart homes because they allow for things like allowing the hot water to run in the shower before you get out of bed, turn outdoor lights on before you pull in the driveway, and activating a coffee pot on demand without moving to the kitchen. 

Smart Home Hacks

There are many different types of smart home tricks you can use for your home, here are a few of the most popular ones.

One of the most popular tricks is to set your smart home to turn all your lights off when you leave your home. With some of the more popular products like the Phillips Hue Lights, you can set your lights so that when you’re leaving, it knows to turn all your lights off. This great trick saves both time and money when having to go around manually turning your lights off. It’s also great for when you go on vacation, you can set your lights so that they automatically go on and off on a timer, which is great for showing people that “you’re still home” when you’re in fact halfway across the world in a different country.

There are also many smart home devices that are voice-activated, with new companies coming out with devices on the daily. One of the ones that is more well known is the Amazon Alexa. With this device, you can tell Alexa what you’d like to do, such as close the blinds, and as long as you have smart blinds they’ll close automatically! You’ll also have the ability to sync everything to your Alexa so that if you do make your whole home have smart functionality there’s a lot of different features you’ll be able to take advantage of.

One of our favorite inventions is the smart lock, a device that allows you to forget your keys, and still get into your house! Just make sure that you have a reputable locksmith install yours so that you don’t have problems later in. With the new smart lock devices, you have the ability to enter and leave your house without carrying a physical key, when you’re near it senses your phone through Bluetooth and will automatically unlock your door. With these great devices, you can give people “temporary” keys such as your cleaning lady who will be able to only come in during certain hours.

There are many great devices that you can get for your home, we mentioned a few of our favorites but learn more online and connect your home today.

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