3 Ways To Improve Your Family’s Smile

The smile is a universal language that any person from any part of the world can understand even if your languages are different. Smiling is a vital part of our socialization skills, and a pleasant smile can help you in communicating more efficiently and also make a good impression.

If you notice any of your family members take a step back in social gatherings and feeling insecure, it may be due to a problem with their smile, which makes them self conscious. Nowadays, dentists have a broad range of tools at their disposal, which helps in correcting the teeth of your family members.

Cosmetic dentistry is the hugely popular branch of dentistry that specializes in whitening teeth, closing gaps between teeth, fixing misalignment of teeth, and many more. However, you can not fix your smile overnight, and it requires dedication and commitment, which is why you need to know in-depth about the subject before making a decision.

Specific dental procedures require special maintenance and are drastically costlier, making it mandatory that you understand cosmetic dentistry. This article will teach you about the three ways in which you can improve your smile and that of your family.

3 Ways To Improve Your Family’s Smile

1. Practice Healthy Dental Care Routine

A healthy dental care routine is paramount to maintain a set of pristine, white teeth without defect and preserve a hearty smile. You need to follow daily dental practices such as brushing and flossing twice a day and eat a healthy diet that does not contain sticky, sugary foods and beverages or processed foods.

Flossing removes the plaque that accumulates between your teeth and also cleans the parts of your gum that a toothbrush can not reach. If plaque is left to build up, it can lead to building up of tartar and eventually lead to periodontal disease, which is a degenerative disease of the gumline and jawbones.

If you experience bleeding during flossing, it is probably due to gum disease or gingivitis and it typically stops bleeding after flossing daily for a period of two to three weeks. Smoking is a habit that does enormous staining of your teeth. Even though you can polish off the stain on the top, it can leach into deeper layers of your enamel.

Smoking also deteriorates your gums and can cause the gums to develop deep pockets surrounding the teeth due to receding gum line. Your teeth can start to look longer due to the receding gums. The adverse effects of smoking on the gums are difficult to reverse and can make it seem like dark spaces around your teeth.

Brushing your teeth twice a day is the most important step you need to follow for having a healthy smile. Remember to change your brushes every 6 months or when the wear on the bristlehead is excessive. Specific models of toothbrushes have softer bristles for sensitive teeth and gums.

Dentists advise against using harder bristles as they can cause your gums to recede and your teeth enamel to wear out. It would help if you also skipped drinking carbonated or sugary beverages and instead opt for water, which is exceptionally healthier for your teeth and gums. The acidic properties of sugary and acidic drinks can quickly dissolve your enamel and teeth.

2. Dental Bonding Or Cosmetic Bonding

Dental bonding is the most popular and useful procedure in cosmetic dentistry for gaining an attractive smile. The major advantages of the dental bonding procedure are the ease of carrying out the treatment, accessibility and being budget-friendly. The treatment is ideal if your teeth only have minor defects and also protect the teeth from any future damage.

Dental or cosmetic bonding is the use of a malleable joining material to repair the teeth while blending in with the teeth in the background. The putty-like material makes the teeth look complete before hardening. If you need a more extensive dental procedure for correcting your teeth, a dental veneer is a procedure that is more preferable than dental bonding.

You may use the service of dentist sedation to relax for the treatment in case you have anxiety issues. There are several types of sedation such as oral sedation, nitrous oxide and many more and you can discuss with your dentist your preferences and the needs of the procedure.

3. Dental Braces

Braces are useful for correcting the teeth line of people of all ages and it is useful for treating issues such as crowding, misalignment, and irregular bite. The braces correct and reposition your teeth by applying pressure constantly over a long period from a few months to a few years depending on the severity.

You will need to visit your dentist for regular checkups and for tightening the braces according to the progress in the correction. Practicing healthy oral hygiene is vital during the entire period of dental correction. The dentists use materials such as metal, plastic and ceramic are usable for making brace brackets.

A wire interconnects the individual brackets on each tooth and provides the necessary tension. Wearing braces is a treatment that possesses minimal risks although it may have side effects for those allergic to metal or latex. Alternatively, you may use invisible braces or aligners which are removable and replaceable during eating, brushing, etc.

Braces also pose the risk of shortening the roots of the teeth if the correction is happening too fast. After you complete the period of wearing braces, you will need to employ the use of retainers to retain your teeth in the proper position.


A simple smile has the power to brighten up a room and it is generally the first thing that everyone notices when you enter a room. Having a good smile can boost your self-respect and confidence and also make you feel a great deal more attractive.

Ensure that you understand the risks and benefits of every procedure before committing to it. In the end, life is a one time experience and it is better to be confident and positive as you experience life than being insecure and self-conscious. Luckily for most people, the teeth will need easily achievable and only minor correction.

Family dentistry can help you in getting more radiant, white and flawless teeth as well as improve your dental aesthetics and facial structure. Cosmetic dental treatments can effectively change your smile for the better according to your specific needs. Cosmetic dental treatments start from single tooth correction to full m\dental makeover.

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