Habit Building of A Child – The Most Essential Parenting Skill!

The right foundation of a child’s behavior is formed in childhood itself. To prepare our children for a better future, it is mandatory to teach them the importance of a great routine. From IQ to EQ, everything develops fully during their growing age. Therefore, molding them the way parents want can be done easily but only at an early age.

Here is what a child’s routine should have to prepare him for the real world.

The Bedtime Routine

As adults, we often have an abrupt sleeping pattern. On weekdays, we tend to sleep early and during weekends, we tend to dose off a little late. However, this lazy pattern is not good for a child’s health. Regardless of what time do we go to bed, the child should have a fixed sleeping and waking-up time. Remember, the more a child sleeps, the better his brain develops. Plus, sound sleep is extremely essential for the overall development of the child.    

Keeping Screens Away

To prepare our children for life skills, it is paramount to keep electronics as far as possible from children. Nowadays, we see most toddlers eating, sleeping, waking up around screens. The damage it does to a child’s brain is beyond explanation. Instead of the screens, let us open a world of imagination for our children. Studies suggest that reading books to children gives them the power to think out of the box. Instead of gifting something on their birthday that the child might not use for long, create a list of the best children’s books and gift them one on every birthday. If you search on Google, highly intellectual and creative people are the most avid readers right from childhood.

Share the Chore List

The household chore list is endless. Instead of doing the housework alone, ask the child to help you with small things. For example, let the child bring small items to you, ask them to fold their clothes after washing, ask them to keep their toys in place, etc. This adds a sense of responsibility to their lives. Small achievements add to their confidence and happiness in the long run.

Eating Healthy

In a world where junk food is the most preferred one, eating right seems to be an alien equation for most people. Our daily meals no longer have the nutrients our body requires.  In our hearts, we all know that junk food does more harm than good. So, let us thrive to eat right, serve right, and acquire healthy habits. Replace the kitchen with healthy food – green vegetables, pulses, fruits. What the child sees us eating, they will eat the same.

Training Public Behavior

Mood swings of children are hard to handle. Have you ever seen a child who behaves like a goon whenever you visit a relative? Well, this habit is known as a bad one. Training our child’s behavior and teaching him gratitude are two essential elements. Today, they might behave ill with us but tomorrow they will do this with everyone and soon it will become a bad habit.

Happy Parenting to You!

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