Must-Have Things to Buy While in Italy

There are some specialty pieces everybody wants to buy in Italy but you never really think of them until you are actually there. So if you have an upcoming trip, it is worth planning ahead so you can get some classic Italian items while you are there.

Here are some musts to buy while in Italy

A gorgeous leather bag

Italy is famous for its leather items, and if you are in the market for a new handbag or you simply want to pick up a beautiful artisanal bag while in Italy, this is the time to do it!

You can also find beautiful handbags online on websites such as Mirta, whether you are looking for a top handle bag or a cross body bag, you can find 100% Made in Italy high-quality bags here as well (if you can’t make it to Italy right now).

If you plan making the purchase while you are here, it is helpful to pack accordingly so you can get your new handbag home safely!

Chianti wine

Chianti wine is well-known all around the world, and whether you can make it to the Chianti region or purchase a couple bottles from elsewhere in Italy, it is well worth the investment. It is packaged between Florence and Siena and has a distinct taste that is well-worth experiencing. Keep an eye out for red blends but also a Sangiovese specifically. If you are considering bringing wine home, first check the re-entry permissions to your home country and whether it is allowed. Some countries allow you to re-entry your home country with food and wine from elsewhere and others do not, so it is researching this!

Mozzarella from Naples

Naples is home to many Italian classic items, mozzarella being one of them. If you love mozzarella or you want to try a typical dish, a fresh dish with mozzarella is a must. You can make a classic caprese salad to really taste the mozzarella or simply bite into it with a side of tomato, bread and basil.

Cashmere sweaters or scarves

Italy is also well-known for its cashmere, so if you are interested in a new cashmere sweater or scarf, this is the place to purchase these items! Be sure to keep space in your luggage if you plan on making these purchases, because they make for great layers while you are in Italy and you’ll want to make sure you have the space to bring them home!

These are things you can buy online for now until you are able to go. And if you have do have the (safe) opportunity to get to Italy, they are worth taking some time to look all over Italy for, especially in specialty shops, because there are some amazing things and versions of these items that you can only get there.

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