Things to do in Colorado

Colorado is a year-round destination that prompts the imagination, inspiring the soul with theatrical beauty and landscape.

The state is stunning diversified with a range of the majestic Rocky Mountains, the rolling hills, beautiful waterfalls, and a high desert in the Colorado Plateau.

Major cities are surrounded by peaks, geothermal hot water springs, and amazing canyons. You will come across nice and beautiful skyscrapers, sports arena, and museums.

Through this Colorado travel guide, you can get some of the best things to do in Colorado.

Visit Rocky Mountain national park.

This a popular tourist destination in USA. You will adore soaring mountains, alpine lakes, and meadows, abundant wildlife showcases including beautiful forest at their best. The Park hosts more than 100 peaks that rise over 1000 feet, with the longest peak being 14,259 feet.

In the Park you will come across an extensive system of hiking trails ranging from paths of less than a mile to full-day and multi-day hikes.

Take your time, and you will come across bighorn sheep, deer, and other creatures. During winter, you can come to snowshoe art cross-country skiing. In summer, popular activities such as hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing, camping, and horseback riding are present.

Pikes Peak in pike National Forest

It is regularly described by the mountains that stand over 14,000feet.

The snowcapped peak can be identified from nearby Colorado Springs. The mountain is one of the most visited. You can drive to the summit of Pikes Peak through Pikes Highway or take The Pikes Peak Cog Railway.

This round trip will take around 3hours as you enjoy the scenic views on the peak.

Gardens of Gods

The magnificent red rock formations have a story to tell to people looking for the best things to do in Colorado. They look elegant and seem like they were formed through deities carving.

This is where you learn how they earned such a title. The sandstone pillars, in fact, are the work of the geological activity as a result of faulting and rains over the millennia.

Here you will learn about the garden at the visitors and nature lounge. They offer informative displays and host as you get the presentation.

It is advisable to visit the rocks and see them at different times during the day.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Many wildlife lovers will tell you that you should take your leisure time and get to the zoo with kids and family if you are visiting Colorado. It is home to many furry, scaly, and feathered creatures. You will also come across giraffes.

Take a spin on the zoo’s chairlift style and open-air, and enjoy a photo with the zoo residents as you encounter the animals.

As a visitor, grab the opportunity and enjoy feeding the giraffes. The paths are dependable and easy to navigate.

Old Colorado City

This city sits west of the downtown area. This was the original capital of the Colorado territory. Some time back, it was a hotbed of activities ranging from farming, mining, ranching, and others seeking a piece of their own to manifest.

Though it is no longer the old city, it still manifests the Wild West feeling only that there are some modifications that have been carried out. It houses local art galleries, quintal shops, and pop restaurants.

Visiting the old city will offer a relaxed atmosphere and meet friendly people.

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