The Obesity Dilemma in our Age

Gaining weight or being overweight has been one of the most shameful and demanding issues all over the world. It’s embarrassing not being able to fit into all those trendy clothes. You feel left out of so much in life.

Most of us face this one way or another in our lives. There’s such stigma and belittling connected to this that obese people, men and women alike, lose hope and go under severe depression.

There are certain reasons for why it happens. Some of them are:

Hormonal imbalances

Our body acts or reacts due to what are called hormones. Even a few of them not working in their expected manner can wreak havoc in us. You go through severe medical issues, your troubles never-ending.

One of the key issues among women is the lack of estrogen. It has been observed that a low estrogen level slows down the metabolic rate and thus sugars and fats are not utilized properly. This results in weight gain. Which brings to us the question that should estrogen levels be high then. The answer is no. They should always fall within their normal range. With high estrogen, both men and women are at a higher risk of heart disease, fat deposits, water retention and some similar terrifying wellness issues.

Sleep cycle disturbances

Who doesn’t love a late night flick? We all do. Well, that’s the bare truth. Reasons, why we do this, are pretty simple and actually appealing. You don’t get time throughout your busy schedule.

You are rushing into things, not entertaining yourself enough. What we do not realize is that by doing this, our bodies get deprived of the much-needed rest. In such mechanical times, when life has become fast and furious, I know it’s cheeky but that’s how I really see it, we need to give time and comfort to these physical abodes.

Fatigue is one of the major causes of many health issues. One big one is weight gain. Our bodies actually burn calories while we sleep, rest ourselves. With none of the two, our body goes into shock mode. Our system thinks that it needs more energy and so we keep getting hungry and it ends in gaining not so needed pounds.

So sleep, dream, be well.


One of the biggest killers of our time is stress. To put it in even simpler terms, stress causes the activation of Cortisol, the stress hormone. It is a natural agent present to aid our system. But in higher quantities and if not checked, it causes over stimulation of the immune system.

The excessive activation results in an unbalance in body temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure and similar problems. It affects the insulin which is another integral hormone, thus inviting a series of unfortunate events. Our body is threatened to a state where nothing works properly.

Stress comes in many ways, it can be a rotten job, financial and social issues, a broken home, etc. What is needed is that proper care should be taken because troubles have a tendency of carrying on whether we like it or not. It’s in our hands what we decide to do about them. Relax, take a breath, be strong, and be positive. There are always far worse situations.

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Again a slow killer, depression ensures a steady downfall of our system’s functionality. Both depression and weight gain/obesity are interrelated.

When you’re depressed, you tend to eat more because you feel less energized. You start hating yourself, there’s less to almost no sense of self-worth, the world around is a dark place and you just cannot survive it. If you’re obese, you are body shamed, ridiculed every step of the way and considered an imbecile illiterate person for being overweight.

This, in turn, causes depression and so the vicious cycle keeps on. You get addicted to food because of the comfort it brings. You are stressed beyond anything, putting pressures on yourself that you actually do not deserve.

The worst thing that you can do to anyone is giving them more anxiety and depression regarding their weight or their social standings and issues. What we really need is to not complicate ourselves and our lives. It’s a war zone and enemies stand tall and strong, they will kill you if they find any weak, vacant spots. So be strong. Love yourself. Acceptance and realization go a long way.

Slow or poor metabolism

Metabolic rate is the number of calories that your body uses to perform the regular basic functions. Our body burns calories even while we’re resting, while we breathe, the damage repair happening on a cellular level, blood circulation etc. The slow metabolism can be brought upon oneself through unnecessary food intakes.

There are some medicines that produce the same side effect. We’ve all heard the term that you are what you eat. There’s a lot of truth to it. Eating too less actually slows down your metabolic rate. Your body actually goes into starvation mode and thus storing everything as fat. Good calories building tissues are eaten up, leaving the body in a tired beaten state.

Cutting too many calories harms our system into shock mode. Metabolism keeps slowing down bit by bit. Dehydration also causes the same issues. Your body empties of the most essential ingredient causing in turn fatigue, asthma and allergies, high cholesterol, bladder or kidney problems, skin disorders, digestive disorders etc. People tend to eat instead of realizing that their body actually hungers for water and so the unnecessary weight gain.

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Bad eating habits

You come home from work, tired after the long day, requiring some snack because you’re hungry, thirsty, you open the fridge and there it is. Wonder in a bottle, cold, soothing and energizing. Grabbing that soda can, you empty the contents in a few gulps and there you go, you’re all done. Fulfilled for the moment.

What you didn’t realize was the amount of sugar you just force pumped through your system. You don’t work out to burn it off. You just sit, relax and be merry. Same happens with the food. Grab a bag of potato chips, a few energy or chocolate bars, never realizing that the number of calories thus consumed is actually equal to a full portion dinner.

And this is just the beginning.

There’s the mid night snacking, there’s munching throughout the day on things completely bereft of the goodness your body actually requires in terms of food.

Food addiction pays off in the worst manner. What you need to change is your mind. We get so much comfortable in our ways that it becomes rather impossible to give up all the bad habits.

For those few tasteful moments that all that crazy junk food lasts, you get to pay by your physical health, your emotional well-being. For those momentary comforts, you lose yourself entirely to the bad decisions. You need to love yourself enough to realize that your body is a temple.

The more good you put in, more good will come out.

Some medical conditions such as Arthritis, diabetes, thyroid problems, PCOs, fluid retention etc.

Weight gain can also come as a side effect of some underlying medical problem. There are many men and women out there, puzzled about their increasing weight, never actually understanding what’s going wrong to their bodies despite all the healthy eating and constant exercising. Arthritis is one of them. It doesn’t actually make you gain weight. But when you’re hurting, you move less. You tend to just sit it out causing weight gain. It actually goes both ways. Being overweight puts you in a place where you can develop arthritis because of the excessive weight that is placed on your joints.

Another reason can be an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). It means that your thyroid glands are not producing enough hormones which play an integral role in keeping in check your metabolism. This causes weight gain because whatever you eat, your body never really burns all of it. This can be treated by taking daily hormone replacement tablets.

Obesity is one of the most common side effects of diabetes. Your body doesn’t make enough insulin which is essentially required to control blood sugar levels. You tend to eat more when your blood sugar goes down. This causing excessive calorie intake and weight gain.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition where it affects how a woman’s ovaries work. It causing major hormonal imbalances, causing an irregular menstrual cycle, excess hair, water retention, weight gain and trouble getting pregnant. This condition is treatable. Gynecologist often prescribe the same medicine that’s given to diabetes patients. It regulates insulin and testosterone. Dietary changes, regular exercise and medication help to get this fixed.

Fluid or water retention can come as a side effect of steroid intake. Some medical conditions require treatment through steroids. These include blood diseases, respiratory issues, and sometimes allergies among other things. It also happens if you’re taking too much sodium in your food. It causes water to retain in joints, causing them to swell and pain. You need to drink for water to deal with fluid retention.

Inactive lifestyle

An inactive lifestyle over a long period of time causes changes in a person’s muscle structure. It can induce early aging, musculoskeletal disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, slow metabolism, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.

A good healthy lifestyle requires that you burn more calories than the amount you take in. There is a higher consumption rate of sugar-sweetened sodas, cheap fried junk food than the need to actually work off those extra calories. But bad food isn’t the only problem.

Most of us working at offices have to simply sit at our work desks in front of a computer screen all day long. There’s near to no physical activity. The office hours are extended to late sittings at night and so most of the day is lost. You’re too tired on the weekends and sometimes too busy to perform much required daily physical tasks. This, in turn, causes weight gain, depression, stress, and anxiety. You don’t get to eat by choice. Most available choices are taken up instead of their healthier alternatives. You don’t get to breathe fresh air and the cities are wrought with pollution.

All these add up to sedentary behavior, thereby causing obesity. What we need is a challenging attitude to fight off the challenges of our time. Life is fast-paced. You don’t get to just sit by and let it rush. The struggle to be better bigger stronger socially and financially has grown bigger than those basic needs. Time is of value but we need to realize that none of this would be possible if we take ourselves out of the picture. Everything is the way it is because you perceive it to be. So we should be healthier, more active, more energized to survive.

Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time for our bodies to adjust to all that we make them go through. You need to first love who you are inside and out. There are a number of online tutorials which you can follow to get further details on these problems and how you can effectively overcome these issues with enough will and determination. Use your Xfinity Internet and do your homework if you wish to change your life. Change comes from within and slowly spreads and makes everything beautiful. Teach yourself that you can, and so you will. A positive way of thinking goes a long way in ensuring a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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