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Operation Oasis – The Cause That Every Military Family Can Support

Last week I reached out to Sandy Cove Ministries to ask them if they would like to be included in my military discount list and that’s how I accidentally (or was it?) got to connect with Tom.

During out communication, he mentioned their Operation Oasis and I immediately got excited about the topic and wanted to share asap!

What is Operation Oasis?

Operation Oasis exists to help military families reconnect following a recent, overseas deployment — and to say, “Thank you and welcome home!”

There are a variety of free retreat options to choose from, including:

  • an epic, 5-night Family Camp Vacation,
  • a romantic Valentine Couples Getaway,
  • an inspiring Fall Couples Weekend,
  • or a quiet, 2-night stay.


If you’re not already excited, watch this video below:

How to Apply For A Free Military Family Stay?

To learn more about Operation Oasis and apply for your free stay, go to

First, you need to apply for your free stay now (This will verify your eligibility).

Then you can choose the event you want to attend.


You’re welcome!

– Stephanie, xoxo

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